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Study Tips for Your School Child

Do you find it hard to get your son or daughter to study? Would their grades improve if they had better study skills and resources? If you answered yes to either question, we have some helpful tips for you! is a great online resource with tips to help your child prepare for a successful study session. The site is for mainly middle school students, but most of the rules can be applied to all students. Simple tips such as how to organize their study space, plan time to study, and having proper study materials can go a long way toward helping your child be successful. For more detailed information about how to help your child develop and practice good study habits, please visit

If you prefer the approach of helping your child directly, then you may want to refresh your memory on topics you learned in school. A good place to get started is Khan Academy. This online resource can help anyone with a wide range of topics. Here you can look up information that you need, or your child can go there to do research! It has everything your child needs to advance learning. Topics include Arts and Crafts, Nutritional Information, and even information on Athletics and Sports. Simply put, if you or your child wants to learn about something, Khan Academy is a great place to get started! 

If studying in the traditional way is not working for your child, you should look online at Fun Brain for a more interactive approach to studying. Don't let the fact that it is full of games discourage you from letting your child go there. The games provided on this great, interactive site teaches your child a variety subjects while reinforcing basic skills in math, reading, science, and other subjects. Remember, even though they are playing games, they are learning! Any kind of learning is good!

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