Our School

At the heart of pleasant Spring Creek, Nevada, Spring Creek Elementary welcomes local students and families with open arms. We love our school and we know once you get to know us, you will too. What’s not to love with the beautiful South Fork State Recreation Area just a short drive away? Or how about the inviting Spring Creek Marina? Whatever recreation or activities you enjoy, our community has something for you.

Our Mission

“Growing kind, confident, and respectful leaders” is what we strive to do each day, through every lesson and interaction. We see kindness when a student opens a door for a teacher. We see confidence when a child stands up in front of the classroom to read an essay for the first time. We see respect as our Bobcats walk quietly through our halls. When we partner together to achieve our mission, great things can happen now and for years to come!

Our Community

We are a friendly, close-knit community located at the base of the Ruby Mountains. We proudly serve grades K through five. Academics and success are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we aim to keep parents in-the-know through our Calendar and News pages. We want involved parents and families, and our fantastic PTA is always behind the scenes at every event. If you’re on Facebook, we hope you’ll consider joining our Spring Creek Elementary Facebook group—a place to connect with our staff and fellow Bobcat families.